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Tax Appeal Appraisals

We do tax appeal appraisals in Utah and Salt Lake counties. You can often have your taxes reduced by more than the cost of the appraisal, and this will often save you money for several years on a property that is over assessed. We do thorough and honest appraisals that are rarely disputed. Rod deJel has worked in the past as a hearing officer for residential tax appeals for Utah County, and is now available to help you.

Tips to save you time and money regarding tax appeals. If you feel confident that the county has assessed your property for more than you could realistically sell if for, then it is probably over assessed, which means, you can probably save money on your taxes if you appeal the county's assessment. If this is the case, you are welcome to call me for an appraisal, or to assist you in reasearching the homes in the market that may compete with your property, to help you prepare to meet with a hearing officer to appeal the county's assessment. If you don't believe it is over assessed, then I recommend you spend your time getting good and honest men into the offices that are helping to determine for what our tax dollars are spent, so that responsible and honest men are working for us to get more for us for us for the dollars we spend each year.

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